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Xanthan Gum


Efficent Solutions

Xanthan Gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide. It is produced through the fermentation of a carbohydrate with xanthomonas cam ...Read More

Egg Powder


- Egg Yolk Powder

- Dry Whole Egg

- Egg Albumin Powder

Sorbitol Powder / STBC (Indonesia)


- Sorbitol LTS Powder 50M

- Sorbitol LTS Powder 20M

Sorbitol Syrup 70% Solution / Cargill (Indonesia)


- Sorbidex 71205

- Sorbidex 71122

Magarine 0% Trans Fat / Sinarmas (Indonesia)


- Palmvita Margarine

Palmvita Margarine is a multi purpose margarine with buttery flavor. It possesses good melting point and suitable consistency t ...Read More

Ice Cream Powder


- Chocolate Ice

- Vanilla Ice

- Milk Ice

- Strawberry Ice

Sodium Citrate


- Sodium Bicarbonate

- Sodium Erythorbate

- Soda Ash Light

Premium Lauric Fat 0% Trans Fat / Sinarmas (Indonesia)


i-soc PCF is premium Lauric fat that is designed to meet various usage in chocolate and confectonery application. It is also suitable for Non Dairy Creamer product.

...Read More

Lauric Coating Fat 0% Trans Fat / Sinarmas (Indonesia)


i-soc CF is Lauric coating fat that is designed to meet various usage in chocolate and confectionery application. Its superb spread ability coupled with the right texture an ...Read More

Frying Fat 0% Trans Fat / Sinarmas (Indonesia)


 - Filma Frying Fat Shortening

Frying Fat is high quality frying fat that is specially designed to be used for deep frying. It possess high smo ...Read More

Shortening 0% Trans Fat / Sinarmas (Indonesia)

- Menara RED 39-42

- Menara GRN 39-42 (Non-TBHQ)

- Red Rose Shortening Blue 48-52


Red Rose Shortening is a multi purpose shortening. It has excellent ...Read More

HPKO , Cocoa Butter Substitute 0% Trans Fat / Sinarmas (Indonesia)


- i-soc CBS50

i-soc CBS 50 is a high quality cocoa butter subtitute that is designed to meet various usage in chocolate and confectionary applicatio ...Read More

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