About us

Canaan Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is founded in July22, 2002 by qualified professional with a food and chemical industry experience.
     Our people have build up experience and knowledge base in management, marketing and production of quality products for the benefit of Thailand and ASEAN industry .
     Our people are strong and well prepared in all aspects of the focus business.

     We are able to separate the various business categories into discrete units and give our new generation of executives the chance to prove their mettle as business leaders.Most important of all our customers and suppliers who have provided for driving force and energy to be what it is today.

Promises to Partnership

    Need an introduction? Just ask.
    We are active board members. We are here to give you the actionable tools and resources you need to make your business a success.
     Need help? You have our entire team to draw on, not only the Canaan partner on your board.
Operational Guidance
    We invest in one company per category and back that company.
Intellectual Honesty and Fairness
    That's the only way we do business.

Our Partners


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