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What is Agave Syrup?


Natural is an organic and natural product that contains natural fibers and minerals It has high levels of fructose and it's GMO and allergens free.

Natural is 25% sweeter than refined sugar and has nearly half the amount of carbohydrate calories. It has also a low glycemic index which makes it diabetic friendly.

This represents an excellent alternative to sweeten any type of food or beverage,since it is gradually incorporated into the blood when compared with conventional sweeteners. Its greatest advantage is that it is eliminated naturally ; maintaining the blood sugar level under control.

Glycemic index refers to the speed at which sugar is incorporated into the blood.

Agave syrup is an optimum sweetener for people who want to take care of their

health , including peoplle whit obesity and diabetes.

100% natural

It is slowly assimilated by the body

Use ful for diabetics under medical supervision(dose recommended by the physician)

Enhances the natural flavor of food

Helps in the preservation of food

High fructose content

It has natural fibers and minerals


- Dairy Industry

- Beverage Industry

- Food Industry

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