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Sorbitol Solution 70%

Sorbitol is monosaccharide polyhydric alcohol. Chemically, a hexitol, C6H14O6. It was first isolated from the juice of mountain ash berry (Sorbus aucuparia L) in 1872. Later on, it is also found as part of the freshness in apple, cherry and plum. As chemical ingredient, Sorbitol is commercially prepared in high pressure hydrogenation catalytic process.

It has very wide applications in cosmetics-toiletries, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages and even in chemical industries. Sorbitol syrup has mild pleasant sweet taste, without bitter after taste.


Cool and refreshing taste

Non-carcinogenic nature

Improve shelf life (hygroscopic nature).

No effect on protein denaturisation

As food moisture control

Mainly metabolized in the liver, independent insulin



Compare to sugar, Sorbitol is slowly metabolized in human body without dependence on insulin. Therefore it does not appreciably increase blood sugar levels. It promotes synthesis of vitamins in human intestine and absorption of amino-acid and minerals.

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