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Agave belong to agavaceas plant's family. Unlike what some people think about the agave,it is not a cactus.Its leafs are long and fibrous,and it's typical color is Green-blue.

Nowadays, there are more than 300 species of agave plants that cand be used as a primary source for the production of tequila in the American continent. In ancient times,agave was also used by the Aztecs in numerous ways due to its healing and nutritious properties that can now be enjoyed in organic products.

When the agave has grown 7 to 10 years, the leaves of the plant are cut off, revealing the core of the plant called "pina" or "honey water" , whi...Read More

"Low-calorie sweeteners are safe to consume during pregnancy"


An allegation, made by a group of Danish researchers1, that the intake of low calorie soft drinks increases the risk of preterm delivery is not consistent with the extensive body of scientific evidence that shows these products are safe.
The use of low calorie sweeteners has been very well studied both in humans and in animals. This research has shown no adverse effects on the mother or developing baby related to the use of low calorie sweeteners.
Before being authorised for use in food and drinks, all low-calorie sweeteners must undergo a range of safety evaluations by independent national and international scientific expert committees, including the Joint Expert Committee ...Read More


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